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At Jöbl Design we have some values that we hold very close to our heart. Design, ergonomics, functionality, attention to detail, innovation and the use of the finest materials available are values that run through everything we do. We have taken the study and fully understand how a campervan is used to ensure every facet of the design fits perfectly with the needs of the outdoor enthusiast. After all we are outdoor enthusiasts ourselves.


We only use VW Transporters as the base for all our conversions. There are two main reasons for this, the first is build quality and the second is well, basically VW invented the campervan! VW build their vans like they build their cars and that means they are a little bit better than everything else on the market. From the quality of the plastics, the feel of the buttons and controls, through to the noise it makes when you slam the door. The VW Transporter is a well-built van.

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Quality and craftmanship is something we consider in everything we do and have done from the beginning. Jobl Design are proud to be one of a select few converters in the United Kingdom that carry this accreditation for both our T6 and T6.1 conversions.


NCC approval acknowledges a converters commitment to customer safety. All campervans approved under the NCC Product Approval scheme are certified safe and legal for use on UK roads. The NCC scheme is the only one in Europe which verifies complete product compliance with the comprehensive health and safety standards set by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and European Standards body CEN. 

Inspections are conducted on-site at a manufacturer's premises and depending upon specification, there may be 500 to 600 individual points checked on any one conversion. This inspection process is complemented by an in-depth examination to ensure that the product continues to comply with the relevant criteria. 

Not Every Campervan Is The Same. Although at face value it can be difficult to tell, NCC approved converters offer the industry leading conversions and we wouldn't recommend settling for anything less. NCC approval highlights our recognition to providing you, the consumer, a conversion that's fully compliant for customer use.

About the NCC

NCC Approval


A compilation of extensive safety tests to ensure the campervan is safe to drive on public roads.  Governed by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) and the government Department for Transport, it comprises detailed assessments of each model we offer that have undergone both physical inspections and advanced simulated crash testing.

The essence of these regulations are to check that any safety aspects of a van that have been modified during its conversion to a campervan are fully re-examined before being allowed onto public roads. Obtaining full type approval takes considerable time to achieve which is why very few campervan converters have this accreditation. 

*V5 Campervan classification applies to new customer ordered vehicles only.


Established in 2013, we are a campervan converter located in the Northwest of England specialising in conversions on the Volkswagen platform specifically. With over 350+ campervans on the road to date and multiple models to choose from,  we strive to deliver campervans of the highest craftmanship to customers throughout the UK. First founded on the T5, Jobl has continued to innovate incorporating all the latest parts and products the industry has to offer with the ultimate goal and ambition of providing the best camping experience possible. 

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