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At Jöbl Design we have some core values that we hold very dear to our heart. Design, ergonomics, functionality, attention to detail, innovation and quality are values that run through everything we do. We have taken the time to study how a campervan is used in the real world and designed our vehicles to fit perfectly with the needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Our furniture is stylish, robust and practical. Our finishes are selected to look good, yet last. We pride ourselves in providing excellent vehicles with excellent service.

Our large showroom and workshop facility in Cheshire allows us to stock a range of vehicles for viewing and offer many standard and bespoke accessories, so you can easily choose the prefect vehicle and tailor it to your exact needs.

We only use VW Transporters as our base vehicles. This fits with our mantra of quality and effectiveness. The VW Transporter is an icon and really the only choice to build a campervan that is stylish, reliable and economical. Everything you need in a modern-day campervan.

Come and join us in our passion for the outdoors.

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